Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BOLT(3D)...n fo0D...

i'm so bored today..wake up trs on9 n chat with weng&anum...dh lama xchat with anum,rindu la plk kan...hahaha..then check on wat movie yg best2..then check d list..ohya,haven watch bolt..plan 2 watch at pyramid cuz tat d nearest with my house g OU jauh sgt..
forgot tat today is wednesday..patut la smpai2 je i'm so suprice tat so many ppl Q wanna buy ticket kan..nsb bek kejap jer..sampai counter i ask 1tckt 4 BOLT,here at pyramid only show 3D 1st i dun know amik jela..rm17 ok..but its ok..i njoy watch d xrugi la..
BOLT was bout this cute little dog yg ingt he is superhero n have a special power 2 protect his owner Penny..but he doesnt know tat actually its all was a lies..cuz he actually was on tv show..then one day BOLT terlepas kua dr kurungan n he dont know where he go n meet this little cat yg die ingt was his enemy at 1st but at d end become bestfwen,,xleh nk story pnjg2 go n watch it k..4star from me..
after tat lepak with elle 4 a while..dh dtg pyramid wajib jmpe die jap..
then went 2 buy JCO n sushi..ttbe terasa nk mkn kan...padahal mgu lps bru je mkn terus g bli la..nsb bek xramai kejap jela..
then my grandma call ask me 2 pick her at her bro house at KL..adohai..malasY nk g KL 2,dh la jem..mcm2 aku try tipu xpe..mayb i'll pick her up tmr..huhuhu
n now..nk tgu if ada any latest movie yg akan kua...hahahha
Daus!!thanx 4 calling..i know u miz me rite..sorry la lama xcntct ko..n congrats convo smlm..sory xdpt ko taw..aku xkan lpe ko..hehehehe
also same goes 2 my my bro..dean..congrats dh konvo.sorry sgt2 xlh g..nyway,thanx 4 calling yer..i know u miz me..hehehehe..

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