Thursday, November 20, 2008

lunch n movie 4 today...

actually plan 4 today juz 2 send my car 2 wshop 4 repair..but suddenly masa i tgh syok tido julie sms me ask 4 lunch..but i xsedar..then she call trs kata ok jer..but 4 sure,must pick me up la kan..cuz i have no car..julie&adlie pick me up at subang..then we went 2 pyramid 4 lunch..then meet azhar there..finally after dh penin2 nk makan mane..we went to WENDY'S..hahha..kenyang gler mkn burger die..while biasa la..story time la...maklum la lama xjmpe..baru je smlm i wish 2 meet them..xsgka dpt gk lpk..juz aniz&cikgu je xde..huhuhu..then jalan2,meet elle kt kedai die..after then,cam biasa la lpk MPH..mmg port wajib dr xbli buku pon,juz tgk2..after tat azhar send me 2 KJ..i went out with other fwen...we went 2 OU 4 movie..
this time i watch QUARANTINE..cuz dh xtaw nk tgk pe..xtaw plk this movie br show today..
d story bout this reporter angela n her cameraman yg kene wat tugasan psl bomba life...then kene kurung in this one apartmen..yg kene srg pnykt anjing by one penghuni die d end,sma mati...this story like no ending ok la if tgk,xbosan sgt..out of 5,i rate this movie 3.5star la..hehehe..

p/s:will upload more pict later cuz gmbr kt camera adlie..

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