Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this wat i carry in my bag

ok..s we see...nowdays..its normal 4 guys 2 bring o carry bag wherever they go...
cuz we have lots of stuff 2 bring along with us...
so its nothing wrong with guys carry a bag @ handbag..
its not only 4 gurl o women nowdays...

this is d stuff tat always in my bag wherever i go...

handphone (sony k770i&nokia 6288)
house n car keys
Compact powder
cermin mata
CLINIQUE sunblock
perfurm ( CK in2u )
oxy cleansing wipes
segala ubat2an
mineral water

this d stuff tat i always carry with me...but if go watch muvie..i'll bring shawl or cardi la...
so after this plz dont say tat bag juz 4 women...
nowdays there a lots of bag that design 4 a men...
so guys..xperlu nk malu2 la kalo nk bwk bag yg penuh ngn barang2 spt i punye ek..hehehe

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