Saturday, November 21, 2009


fazura is back on her latest muvie with maya karin n aaron aziz...wat a good come back with a great muvie..PISAU by bernard muvie for 2009..i mean 4 malay muvie la kan...cuz its funny n not a serious muvie..u can laugh all d way wen u watch this muvie...enviroment atas kapal..but actually its juz a visual..d real shoot was at studio n atas bumbung apartment at ampang if not mistaken la kan...

story bout bella n intan yg nk kawin with a rich man...yg mencari lelaki kaya di atas kapal...sgp buat ape saje tok mendapat rich man...but at d end..they do wat they like..intan jg PI..bella lk kenal ngn org kaya yg sbnrY die xtaw mamat 2 kaya..she though he juz a normal guy..

with d dialog..

oh my PRADA..

oh my JIMMY CHOO...

so xrugi if watch this movie..4star from me...hehehe

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