Sunday, September 14, 2008


LOVE…what is d meaning of luv??nobody can give d perfect meaning of luv..4 me luv is d best thing happen in my life n luv oso d thing tat hurt me d most…everybody fall in luv ya…but its not easy 2 get ur true luv..same goes with me..till now I cant find d true luv..i fall in luv b4 but its end juz like tat..i dun know y..u juz left me alone wen ur bored with me…u didn’t cntct me at all…wen I try 2 call u..u reject my phone call..dear,y u do this 2 me after we spend so many year 2gether..u know how much I luv ya..wen u dun have anybody u’ll came back 2 me..plz la dear..i’m not ur toy k..wen u want me, u come 2 me..wen u bored u juz left me like this..its hurt me..n now I’m trying 2 forget u..but I cant do tat..god!!plz help me forget my luv..i wan 2 go on with my life n I hope u’ll get a better person than me..
Mayb I cant be perfect as u wish..but I juz wannabe d real me..not other person….
What I can say is..i hate u so much 4 everyting u had done 2 me…but so far deep in my heart,I still luv u…what I can say is..thanx 4 everything…
N I hope I’ll find a better person tat can replace u in my life…

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